Exploring response

Effective communications need to be noticed and trigger a response.

In qualitative sessions, we explore the emotional responses by watching and listening to how people respond. As Clive James once said, people reveal more when lulled, and we want them to reveal more.

We use a variety of techniques to help people visually and aurally articulate their thoughts and feelings about ads, brands and behaviour.

We run sessions both face to face and online, using screen sharing software to show stimulus and remote recording software to record facial expressions, audio and user interaction.

When relevant, we also use eye tracking to help us understand why some elements of the communication are working better than others.  Sometimes, we simply use our eye tracking experience (from experience we know why some parts of the ‘page’ are being looked at and others are not), and sometimes we run separate eye tracking studies.

Our aim is to understand what with and without asking what.